Writing by Talking? Using Dictation in Blog Posts

Writing by Talking? Using Dictation in Blog Posts

Is Anyone in the Auto Industry Taking Advantage of Dictation Technology?

Some of us have great ideas that we can TELL people, but have trouble putting the words into a document or blog post.

I’ve decided to experiment by writing more through dictation, and editing afterward. I feel like sometimes I can SAY a great idea or thought faster than I can WRITE it.

CarbizAdam.com - Are you using dictation on your mobile device to write?

Would You Use Dictation to Write More Often?

I challenge anyone reading this post who has the same difficulty to follow my lead and try writing by dictation - what do you have to lose?


All it takes is to make it happen is a smartphone or tablet and the Google Docs app (or your blog platform’s app), available for Google Play for Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone. I also use a wired headset.

CarbizAdam - I Use My Android Phone's Voice Dictation for Emails, Texts and Docs

Dictation is Available on Every SmartPhone

Is anyone else doing this? Have you had experience writing this way? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks!

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