Infinite Prospects – A New Plan for 2015 and Beyond

Infinite Prospects – A New Plan for 2015 and Beyond

Infinite Prospects is Splitting into 3 Divisions: Carbiz Marketing, BDC Buddy, and 48 Hour Website

Infinite Prospects is now a family of divisions - CarbizMarketing, BDC Buddy, 48 Hour Website and CarbizAdamFive years ago I decided to venture out on my own and start Infinite Prospects. It’s been a fantastic first 5 years in business, but as usual, it didn’t go exactly as planned.

From the time I was about 20, I always wanted to own and run my own company. I told people all through my 20s, and into my early 30s, that I knew I would own a company one day, I just wasn’t sure what it was going to be yet.

The original logo design for Infinite Prospects

The original logo design for Infinite Prospects

The original concept for Infinite Prospects hit me like a lightning bolt in mid-2009. I knew that car dealerships were spending tens of thousands of dollars on digital marketing, yet a very small percentage were maximizing their usage of each tool they were paying for. I could help them do just that!

I had spent 4 years (from 2000-2003) building and running highly profitable, high-volume Internet Sales Departments, and 5 years (from 2005-2009) working with hundreds of dealers in the New York Metropolitan area for Autobytel as a Senior Account Manager and Dealership Coach. I knew, if given the opportunity, I could bring that knowledge to many dealerships throughout the country to help them improve their ROI on their digital spend.

I learned that while some dealers wanted me to help them with training and coaching, others trusted my judgment when it came to evaluating digital marketing products and wanted to buy them from me. I did that all under the name of Infinite Prospects, and it became confusing to dealers exactly what it was my company did.

In 2014, I considered re-branding Infinite Prospects as Carbiz Marketing, but I did not want to
a) abandon the brand I had worked so hard to build, and
b) limit Infinite Prospects’ potential to servicing the automotive industry exclusively.

Therefore, after careful consideration of how Infinite Prospects has evolved over the past 5 years, I’ve decided that it’s time to more clearly define exactly what I do. So I’ve decided to split the company into 3 divisions:

carbiznew copy 2Carbiz Marketing - reselling products to dealerships and consulting with automotive vendors


BDC Buddy - consulting and training car dealerships on Internet Sales Contact Process best practices


48-hour-website-ip-homepage-logo48Hour.Website - a new venture, designing and launching responsive websites for small businesses (not car dealerships) in as little as 48 Hours


newlogocarbizadam2I will continue to publish articles on my blog, with subject matter pertaining to all 3 divisions.


I appreciate all of your support over the past 5 years. I couldn’t have done it without the invaluable feedback and patience of my clients, partners, friends, colleagues and family.

Here’s to a phenomenal 2015 and beyond!

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