Dealerships: Is Your Messaging Disconnected?

Dealerships: Is Your Messaging Disconnected?

How Many Different Marketing Companies Are You Using?

There is a solution to streamline your dealership’s messaging across your marketing channels!

Are you able to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time, using a multitude of channels? Is that messaging consistent in look, feel and verbiage across your different marketing channels?

How many different companies are you currently using to do all of the following:

  • Monthly interactive new and used car sales, service, and/or trade-in buyback email campaigns to in-market shoppers from your existing DMS and CRM databases
  • Monthly (or quarterly) interactive conquest email campaign to in-market shoppers who are NOT in your DMS and CRM databases
  • Monthly interactive email newsletter to your entire DMS and CRM databases with web-version hosted on your dealership’s website, indexable by Google, incorporating content from sales, service, social and lifestyle
  • Targeted, offer-specific email follow up days later to anyone taking actions on the 3 emails above
  • Create banners, icons, images, etc. for each campaign for your website, social media and print
  • At least 5 relevant posts per week to your Facebook, Twitter and G+ Pages.
  • Online reputation site monitoring from a single-page dashboard to see all review sites combined.
  • Assistance responding to every online review, both good and bad, across all review sites.
  • Consistent online review building strategy to get more positive reviews for your dealership.
  • Model-Specific first-response email templates for your CRM
  • Full set of follow-up sales templates for your CRM, including trade-in, new, used and finance
  • Interactive, collaborative marketing calendar, with OEM and Tier 2 integration

Did you know that one company can PARTNER with your dealership to handle all of this under a TURNKEY solution, through one platform?


One company can PARTNER with your dealership to provide a TURNKEY digital marketing solution

Are all of your emails and landing pages FULLY RESPONSIVE, built to render beautifully to any screen size?

How difficult is it to coordinate images with the same look and feel across all of these channels (email, website, landing pages, social)?

How much TIME does it take your dealership to coordinate those efforts and communicate with each of your marketing partners?

Are the emails sent from a whitelisted server SEPARATE from your dealership’s CRM email server?

Again, did you know that one company can PARTNER with your dealership to provide a TURNKEY solution for your digital marketing?

I’m not just talking about sales, but service as well. Intelligent lifecycle email messaging, service dedicated websites - they can give you a one-stop shop for driving organic traffic to the service drive, showroom AND website.

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