CRM Adoption | Is Your Dealership Digital Marketing Stuck? | Part I

CRM Adoption | Is Your Dealership Digital Marketing Stuck? | Part I


CRM Adoption: Is your Dealership using your CRM properly?

This is part one is a four part blog series called “Is Your Dealership Digital Marketing Stuck?

First, let’s inspect what should be the hub for your dealership’s communications with customers - your CRM tool. When used properly, CRM helps car dealerships sell more cars by helping them target shoppers better and send unlimited emails.

One of the big things that impedes a dealership’s digital marketing effort is not collecting quality information in the CRM tool. Integrating usage of your CRM tool into your dealership culture can be a challenge, but it’s vital for car dealerships looking to make the most intelligent digital marketing decisions like:

  • How did a certain ad campaign perform?
  • Which salespeople have the highest closing percentage?
  • Which ad source is sending me low-quality traffic that we need to adjust?
  • Which ZIP codes should we target for Google AdWords to extend our reach?

In another post, I asked if your dealership was logging every floor “up” that entered the dealership. Expanding on that idea, let me ask another question: how many of your employees are exchanging email with prospects and clients from their own personal email addresses, a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo (or, heaven forbid, AOL) address or their corporate Outlook? Sometimes, the dealership even PROVIDES them with Outlook and an alternate email address. Why would you encourage that?

Consider that every email not sent through (or at least cc’d to) your CRM, the rest of the dealership will never know about that exchange. That could potentially cost you a sale, or gross profit.

Force everyone to send all email and log all phone call activity THROUGH the CRM tool.

There are a TON of other questions that we can ask to identify if your dealership is using the CRM to its fullest potential (hint: probably not!). You’re already paying THOUSANDS of dollars monthly for your CRM tool. If you’re not sure how well your employees are using the CRM, reach out to BDC Buddy and we can help you figure it out!

If the CRM isn’t working the way it should, before considering making a switch to another CRM, it’s important that you work to fully utilize all of the capabilities of what you already have. Click here to read more about why making a switch is such a big deal.

Click here to download our FREE Internet Sales Process and CRM Checklist For Your Car Dealership!

Click here to read part 2 of our “Is Your Dealership Digital Marketing Stuck?” Series, where we take a look at your Dealership’s Website Presence.


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