Car Dealership Website Evaluation Questionnaire

Car Dealership Website Evaluation Questionnaire

Is Your Car Dealership’s Website Better Than Your Competitors?

Samle-Car-Dealer-Website-on-imacI’ve helped many auto dealers stay ahead of their competition when it comes to having a quality website that converts visitors to email leads and phone calls. These dealers have improved their website’s effectiveness significantly by making sometimes minor, and occasionally major, changes to the content and structure of their site.

I’ve put together a simple, one-page list of questions that I usually ask dealers when evaluating their websites. Mostly, it focuses on content (do you have a page for this or that, or is the copy on this page unique to your dealership?) but it also mentions add-on services that can enhance lead conversion and prospect engagement.

This Dealership Website Questionnaire is completely FREE for you to download and use to evaluate your own dealership’s website effectiveness. If you would like to schedule a complimentary one-hour website review session, please feel free to call me at (201) 448-7253 or email

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