Car Dealership Inbound FREE Phone Up Worksheet Download

Car Dealership Inbound FREE Phone Up Worksheet Download

iStock_000010250137Large-680x1024Handle Inbound Sales Calls Better at Your Dealership

What dealerships say on the phone to an inbound caller can make all the difference between a sale and a blown opportunity. If the call is handled badly, the dealership can appear unprofessional.

When done right, a properly handled call gives the shopper the feeling that they’re working with a professional. This is a heavy determining factor in whether the customer will choose to set an appointment to visit the showroom. If certain important information (email, phone number, trade-in info) is not obtained during the phone call, it can cause confusion or miscommunication if the prospect does visit the showroom, or can make it difficult (or impossible) for the dealership to follow up with the prospect.

As a new or used car dealer, handling an inbound sales call can be a challenge for some salespeople and BDC reps. Infinite Prospects has been working with dealerships like yours for years to solve the problem of answering inbound phone ups that result in more kept appointments and lead to sales.

We developed an Inbound Phone Up Worksheet that you can download  for FREE and can serve as a guide to your floor salespeople, Internet salespeople and BDC reps to better handle inbound new and used car sales calls. Using this worksheet will ensure that steps are not skipped when on the phone with an inbound call from a prospective customer inquiring about a vehicle.

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