5 Ways Car Dealers Can Get More Website Visits and Leads

5 Ways Car Dealers Can Get More Website Visits and Leads

EPIC FAIL!Dealerships Can Get More Website Visits with A Few Simple Adjustments

It’s amazing to me that a lot of car dealers are still not doing basic things to get more website visits, like loading specials and completing the “About Us” page. If your dealership doesn’t have these 5 things available on your website for potential customers to see, you’re doing both yourself and them a disservice:

  1. Complete your New and Used Car Specials. It’s one of the first places shoppers go when visiting your website. Nothing says “we aren’t maintaining our website” like not having current specials for shoppers. This shouldn’t even have to be said, but you would be surprised how many dealerships don’t have active specials, though they have a specials page…
  2. A page for awards won, certifications obtained and positive customer reviews, preferably video reviews… Did you win President’s Club? Council of Excellence? Are you letting your shoppers know? Take a look at what Friendly Honda did here: http://www.friendlyhonda.net/honda-presidents-award.htm
  3. Page titles, URLs and META tags are often not effectively being used to optimize for Google searches. Review the keywords and META descriptions for each of your key pages (Home, New Inventory, Used Inventory, Service) quarterly to make sure they are up to date. Pages and menu items with outdated model years and poorly written descriptions contribute to reduced organic traffic. Also make sure they align to keywords customers are searching for (ie. Used vs. PreOwned)
  4. Enhance your page titles for Search Engines by including Cities, Models, and don’t forget about giving a shout out to the Service department.
  5. Make sure your About Us page tells a compelling story about your dealership’s history and includes pictures of the facility. People want to learn more about where they’re buying and servicing their vehicles, but many dealers ignore telling their story, which is usually fascinating.

If your dealership website is missing these crucial elements, it may be time to look at who’s responsible at the dealership for maintaining the website in partnership with your design/host and implement routine checks to ensure the updates are being done.

If you fix these few key elements, you will set yourself up to receive more website visits, better lead conversion, and better dealership website marketing.

For a complete review and audit of your dealership’s website and other web properties, contact Infinite Prospects at (201) 448-7253 today!

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